All my house models are made to commission. They are all real properties owned by people who take great pride in them. Each house is photographed and measured carefully so that I can include great detail for the client. Perhaps it is the garden that you feel is the most important aspect to include, or maybe you would want to include your vintage car or some other detail special to you on the model. All this is discussed at the planning stage. I make the models using clay, and after firing to 1130:C they are hand painted with acrylic paint so that colours are accurate. Finally they are mounted on a felted wooden base.

Obviously size is important, so I make the models to fit on a base in the region of 30cm diameter. But this of course does vary model to model. The whole process takes approx. six weeks from planning to delivery. Because so many of my models are gifts, confidentiality about photographing etc is of great importance.

No two properties are ever alike and this is what makes my models totally unique. All the models shown on this site are commissions for clients all over the UK as far away as Scotland to Somerset and London.